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6 pt.signature program: "wellness for the busy nurse"

Why us?

Michelle Rhodes Media LLC is a CE Provider for contact hours

approved by the California Board of Nursing.

Provider number CEP17424 

We believe that when your workforce is optimized, satisfaction levels improve. 

Our sweet spot is connecting your nurses to their core or anchor.

And we are not just talking planks here either.  We connecting your nurses to the peak of their ability through their overall wellness.  We have designed a program that will help your staff to a place where they can focus on their 6 facets of wellness a little everyday. 

This program is designed to help Healthcare workers and leaders recognize their inner strength through proven wellness principals.  Let us show you why the lack of having these areas solidified in your workforce can expose your satisfaction numbers, engagement and health claims costs skyrocketing.  

Wellness works best when embraced by individuals who are able to blend in the concepts into their daily schedule. 

Unlike other business consultants and coaches, we offer a strategic blend managed care experience,  private insurance case studies and analysis of your data that reveals to us hot spots and touch points.   By supplementing what your wellness team is already doing (if you have one) or creating a program that creates results from scratch- we are equipped to move from assessment to implementation to evaluation of programming.        

We demonstrate your ROI with data.